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Top Mount Condensing Unit and Unit Cooler Capacity for Indoor Use

  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Wide selection range from 1/2 to 5 H.P. with matching unit cooler
  • Pre-wired contactor and time clock
  • Pre-piped to back of the units
  • Horizontal air discharge
  • Lift-off louver panel for fast servicing


  • No valuable inside floor space used for equipment
  • One pitch pocket for electrical and refrigeration piping
  • Weather proof remote mount unit, lowers service and maintenance costs
  • Improved air circulation in walk-in cooler/freezer

Energy-Efficient Remote Compressor Single-Unit Refrigeration Systems For Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Remote Mount & Top Mount

Modular Design for Energy Management
Weather-Pak Remote and Top Mount Refrigeration Systems That Utilize Safe CFC's for Walk-In Coolers/Freezers

The Airdyne "Weather-Pak" Indoor/Outdoor Refrigeration Systems offer fast food restaurants, coffee shops, schools, cafeterias, hospitals, convenience stores and hotels the economics of low initial cost and energy efficient operation. These compact systems are designed with safe CFC's using R-22 for coolers and R-404 for freezers. Systems are available with hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors based on job requirements and customer preference.

It only requires one roof penetration for piping and electrical wiring which substantially reduced up-front construction costs. Each system is provided with properly matched low-profile end mount unit cooler for inexpensive on-site installation.

Top Mount Indoor Units include: Hermetic or semi-hermetic condensing unit with pre-piped drier and sight glass assembly, suction vibration eliminator for semi-hermetic version, dual pressure control, compressor contractor for 3-phase units only and defrost timer for freezer applications only.

Remote Mount Outdoor Units also include: Stucco aluminum weather housing, crankcase heater and flood back head pressure control for low ambient temperature conditions.

Unit Coolers include: End mount unit cooler, thermostat, solenoid valve and TX valves mounted and wired at the factory for inexpensive on-site installation in the walk-in cooler/freezer.

Optional Accessories include: Factory wired and installed main fused disconnect, time clocks for medium temp coolers.

Systems Overview

1. Enclosure
Durable stucco aluminum weatherhousing with heavy duty galvanized base. Hinged access for easier servicing. Rain trough under hinge to catch moisture that might seep through hinge.
2. Compressor
Field proven hermetic or semi-hermetic design featuring Copeland compressors for long life and high energy efficiency.
3. Receiver
Generous pump-down capacity for low ambient operation.
4. Vibration Isolation (Semi-Hermetic)
Spring-mounted compressors with vibration isolators for quiet operation.
5. Fan Guard
Guards provided for fan motors.
6. Refrigerant Connections
Extra-long to allow neat field brazing without damage to stucco aluminum housing.
7. Louver Front
Front louver is at a 45 degree angle for rain shield. Louver design allows unrestricted air flow for optimal system performance.
8. Liquid Line solenoid Valve
For automatic pumpdown during system operation. Located at unit cooler.

9. Liquid Line Filter-Drier
Added protection against contaminants and moisture. Easily field replaceable using receiver shut off valve and liquid line hand valve.

10. Moisture Indicator
Sight glass and moisture indicator for easier system charging and field service.
11. Electrical Contactor Panel
Contactor installed in electrical enclosure for three phase compressor. Wiring is precisely installed and clearly identified for fast installation and efficient service.
12. Time Clock
Electric defrost time clock provided with all freezer units.
13. Fan Motors
Single phase fan motors installed for proper fan rotation.
14. Dual Pressure Control
Field adjustable low and high pressure settings for use on both R-22 and R-404 systems.
15. Head Pressure Control
Adjustable head pressure control to maintain proper discharge pressure at low ambient temperatures.
16. Air-Cooled Condenser
Field proven air-cooled condensers for long life and high energy efficiency. Designed for 20 degrees F TD.
17. Low Profile Unit Cooler
End mount unit cooler is designed for low profile, thermally protected motors with quick plug-in connectors, center drain fitting and air baffles between fans for even air distribution. Injection molded grilles direct air flow up to 50 feet.
18. Freezer Unit Cooler
Electric heating elements are inserted through the fin area of the coil for fast and energy efficient defrost. Defrost termination and fan delay thermostat provided with all coils.

Low Profile Matched Unit Coolers
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