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We are a major manufacturer of quality refrigeration equipment. The general offices and production facilities are located in the city of Cerritos, California.

Originally established to meet the special needs of the restaurant industry for a compact and custom-designed refrigeration package, the Company now has one of the most complete lines of refrigeration machinery. New lines are constantly being added - the latest being GLYCOL-PAK Fluid Cooling Systems for yogurt machines.

Manufacturing Facilities
AIRDYNE occupies 40,000 square feet of manufacturing area, utilizing the newest modern tools and equipment.

Engineering and Design Capabilities
During the year since the Company's inception, the Engineering and Design Department has played a key role in AIRDYNE's growth. Professionally qualified and registered mechanical electrical engineers are always available to provide a sound and economical system. Begining with basic data, complete plans, designs and equipment selection are available as a special service to our customers.

Research and Development
To meet the growing needs of the industry and develop better products, emphasis is placed on Research and Development. AIRDYNE recognizes that the expense of installing and operating a refrigeration system is costly. For this reason, efforts are made not only to reduce labor and equipment costs, but to reduce energy consumption as well. A brief review of AIRDYNE's MULTI-PAK systems show the many ways this has been accomplished.

Product Line
The Company manufactures a comprehensive line of refrigeration equipment: Indoor and Outdoor Condensing Units: AirCooled, Water Cooled, Remote Condenser Custom Designed Refrigeration Systems Custom Designed Indoor and Outdoor Systems Pre-Charged Condensing Units Chillers GLYCOL-PAK Fluid Cooling Systems for Yogurt Machines.

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